Small Publicly Traded Companies

Jeanne Lewis, CPA
JeanneBlythe, CPA
We understand the challenges of SEC reporting. Let us help you overcome them.

As a small publicly traded company you will face many challenges with the complexities of SEC financial reporting.  Gollob Morgan Peddy specializes in providing assistance to companies that do not have their own accounting departments or need assistance with required financial reporting.

Our range of services includes:

Bookkeeping on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that your records are properly maintained and accurate.
Preparation of pro-forma financial statements.
Preparation of SEC financial reports such as Form10-K, Form 10-Q etc.
Assistance with writing the Management’s Discussion and Analysis section of the SEC financial reports.
Assistance with your annual audits and quarterly reviews required by the SEC.  We will be the liaison with your auditors and assist you with preparing schedules required by them.
Consultation on various GAAP accounting issues such as Stock Board Compensation, Discontinued Opertions, etc.

In addition, we understand the accounting and reporting implications for clients in the Oil & Gas industry including:

Production Revenue and Royalty Accounting
Joint Venture Accounting and Joint Interest Billings
Depletion, Depreciation and Amortization
Reserve Report and the ceiling Test/Impairment Analysis
SEC Rule SX 4-10 Full Cost Accounting
Successful Efforts Accounting
Oil and Gas Reporting Disclosures
Asset Retirement Obligations

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Services

Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires management of public companies to annually assess and report on the effectiveness of their internal control over financial reporting. GMP can provide the following compliance services to your company:

  • Determining the financial reporting process and financial statement assertions.
  • Documenting the internal controls in place.
  • Testing and monitoring the controls.
  • Identifying and evaluating internal control deficiencies.
  • Making suggestions for improvements in internal controls.

Effective internal controls add significant benefits to companies such as ensuring reliable and timely information supporting management’s decision-making, consistent transaction processing, and accurately communicating business performance.  Gollob Morgan Peddy can assist you in documenting your processes and controls, or in helping you to ensure that they are operating efficiently.

To obtain more information about our services for small publicly held companies contact Tommy Chambers, Officer, at or Jeanne Blythe, Manager, at